By implementing a plan to help an employee transition back into the working world after a stroke, Chicago White Metal has earned the 2007 Corporate Award from the prestigious Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, which is dedicated to helping people with physical disabilities live a fulfilling life.

“CWM needed to work closely with the employee’s rehabilitation caseworker to review, 组织和监督他的工作日程, 工作量和整体身体状况,安妮·安德鲁斯说, 新任命的CWM人力资源经理. “We did this with the guidance of his direct supervisor and the managers of several CWM departments to determine what the optimum permanent fit would be for him at Chicago White Metal Casting.”



In recognition of the importance of association activity to growing the world-wide market for magnesium die castings, Chicago White Metal Casting has been a 22-year company member of the International Magnesium Association. And CWM CEO Walter Treiber has made a continuing personal commitment to the work of this association in a variety of capacities.

Walter has served two separate spans as IMA president: the first an unprecedented three consecutive terms from 1990 to 1993 and the last a two-term stint from 2005 to 2007, 之后,他将辞去IMA主席的职务. He continues as a member of the IMA Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.

“杂志推广奖”特辑.” CWM was the only member company to receive a special IMA award for “Promoting 镁压铸,” and has been the recipient of many “镁压铸 Design Excellence Awards.bet9官方和奥斯卡法国有限公司 & Co. partnered to develop the world’s largest capacity hot-chamber Mg die casting machine, 哪一个在1989年获得了IMA的“过程优秀奖”.



The superior mechanical qualities of magnesium can now be combined with a premium cosmetic plated finish offering product designers a cost-effective new option. New joint material and process finishing developments have brought quality electroplating to Mg die casting for a wide range of new applications.

The new mag chrome-plated surface finishes for die cast housings and components are comparable to that achievable in high-quality zinc parts and superior to that of molded plastic.

薄壁优质镀铬, lightweight mag has long been a goal when an alternative to a painted surface was desired. Chicago White Metal Casting can now offer mag’s superior advantages in rigidity, 冲击强度和抗凹痕与优质电镀完成, 部分重量相当于塑料. Excellent heat dissipation and built-in EMI/RFI shielding are added benefits of Mg. The costly inserts often required for plastic parts can be eliminated.

For more on how this new Mag Alloy and Chrome Electroplating development could benefit your product planning, 电子邮件的 CWM销售部门. 或打电话 .

CWM 3-way在NADCA铸造比赛中获胜

CWM 3-way在NADCA铸造比赛中获胜

Three entries by Chicago White Metal Casting were winners in each of their categories in the 2009 压铸 Design Contest of the North American 压铸 Assn., scoring a first-ever triple win for CWM in this international contest.

铝压铸件,1到10磅., CWM was the winner with a baseplate control support structure for a dental workstation, 用作固定空气的刚性平台, 水, 还有用化妆罩遮住的气动控制管路. 切割功能超过6英寸. 长度8.5 in. center width of this plate restricts the edge-to-edge metal flow, creating a challenging die fill. CWM employed its Magmasoft simulation software in developing the optimum gating system for this component.

铝压铸件,1磅以下., the winning as-cast die casting went to the CWM automotive mirror mount. This casting achieves the structural integrity and critical dimensional accuracy required to withstand years of trouble-free operation through wide changes in temperature and humidity. 球端公差为+/-0.1毫米,必须在长期生产运行中保持

镁压铸件,完毕 .5磅., CWM’s third winner was a set of two hot-chamber Mg side-walls for a medical imager, providing exterior cosmetics as well as critical functions to this state-of-the-art desktop unit: the die cast walls assure cassette alignment and support for rollers and motors. Die cast Mg offered optimum dimensional accuracy and repeatability, with flatness held as-cast to .032 in. 或者少于20英寸. 长度,体重显著减少. 专有的注射系统消除了边缘门控, 用金属直接注射到压铸件中.

任命履行 & 客户端支持

Bill Erbacc - CWM员工自1991年

Bill Erbacci致客户服务经理. 在他的新角色中, 比尔·Erbacci将积极地与客户打交道, 对客户服务提供支持和指导. 1991年开始在客户服务团队中加入CWM, Bill moved over to IT three years later to help with the implementation of our new B&L信息系统. In 1994, he took over as Production Computer Coordinator and was later promoted to Production Supervisor.

1999年荣获CWM的鹰奖, Bill has a deep knowledge of customer ordering patterns — an asset to all who work with him. Helping Bill in his new role will be Melinda Gonzalez and Margo Higgins, 现在谁将直接向他汇报.

拥有20多年的客户服务经验, Margo Higgins now serves as an expert liaison between our customers and the CWM team. She’ll be responsible for resolving any issues pertaining to the prompt and effective delivery of service.

在办公室外, 玛戈和她的丈夫, 拉里, 家里有两个孩子吗, 13岁的尼基和11岁的凯尔, 和三只狗. 玛戈还喜欢钓鱼和露营.

符合epa标准的铝铬酸盐,镁 & 锌零件


环境友好的三价铬现在是一个证明, 六价铬涂料的经济替代品, 提供高耐腐蚀的CWM铝, 广泛应用于镁和锌压铸件.

用明亮的, 通过化妆的完成, this alternative combined conversion-functional coating meets stricter commercial and U.S. 以及欧盟的环境要求, avoiding the concerns with prohibited products using toxic hexavalent chromates.

Results of tests to ASTM standards demonstrate salt-spray protection up to 168 hours on Aluminum alloy 380.

For a printed CWM “Tech Brief” on the latest information regarding Trivalent Chromium coating for die castings, bet9官方您的CWM区域 销售工程代表 或者是 CWM销售部门.