2011 College Scholarships Announced

CWM Announces 2011 College Scholarships

Chicago White Metal Casting recognizes that education plays a vital role in a person’s short and long-range growth and in 2011 will again sponsor its College Scholarship Fund to provide educational opportunities for the families of CWM employees.

Any employee of CWM who has been employed for a period of three consecutive years, 全职工作, may apply for the College Scholarship Award on behalf of their dependent children who are under 24 years of age.

The scholarship award is determined each year by the CWM Charitable Foundation’s Scholarship Board. It can be used at any accredited college, university, or trade school within the USA. 最多1美元,每年500, 每一个个体, 可能获得, 总金额高达3美元,每个家庭每年的收入为1万美元.

50个年级见习. Celebration for WT’s Industry Career


员工协会, 前雇员, 长期销售代表, 供应商, industry friends and colleagues, as well as his wife Carolyn and his extended family of four children and many grand-children gathered at CWM in a surprise June celebration of CEO Walter Treiber’s career.

The event highlighted the beginning of his 50th year devoted to the industry and the organization he loves. 人们衷心地祝酒. Milestones in technology advancements, 奖, and association activities that have helped grow the die casting industry were noted in a moving speech by his son Eric, as CWM president and COO the third Treiber generation to lead the company.

Founded in a Chicago loft above a fish market in 1937 by Walter Treiber, Sr., under his son’s leadership CWM has grown to a state-of-the-art 136,000 sq. ft. plant and office facility serving leading high-technology OEMs worldwide.

CNC 加工 Centers Increased to 27


With the addition of two new Leadwell CNC machining centers to its CNC 加工 Division, 一个MV-40和MV-50单元, Chicago White Metal has increased its number of centers to 27, V.P. 布莱恩·安德鲁斯宣布.

新Leadwells, in addition to further expanding CWM’s capability for highest RPM spindle speeds and precision, enable still larger parts and more efficient multiple operations to be programmed. 更广泛的原型设计, dedicated machining and post-casting machining can be performed in house.

For more on CWM’s CNC capabilities, 点击这里.

Mg Plus Overmolding Equals a Superior Housing

CWM Magnesium Die Cast Machine

Leading OEM engineering publications have featured the breakthrough design marriage of a CWM mag die cast case with an overmolded polyurethane elastomer.

新住房, for an advanced Tektronix fiber optic cable tester, offers greater strength and performance over plastic, with part consolidations of the hot-chamber Mg and elastomer unit resulting in a 20% saving compared to similar plastic cases, according to Tektronix engineers. This combination of the two processes is believed to be the first such example incorporating a complex, finely featured magnesium die cast housing.

The application was a cover feature in Design News magazine and was featured in a two-page story in Advanced Materials and Processes magazine. The magnesium and elastomer application was a three-page feature in Modern Metals, and was also featured in Product Design and Development.

For a detailed discussion of this “Overmolding” application, see “案例研究” in the Die Cast Desgn Center Section.

Eric Treiber Chairs NADCA Govt. 事务

埃里克•Treiber总统 & 芝加哥白色金属公司的首席执行官

Eric Treiber, CWM的首席执行官兼总裁, has been named Chairman of the North American 压铸 Association’s Government 事务 Committee, it was announced by 丹 Twarog, 总统NADCA.

Fostering Alliances for the Industry
这个委员会, on behalf of the entire die casting industry, is charged with aiding the fostering of strategic alliances with legislators in Washington and increasing the effectiveness of grassroots efforts of industry companies in helping achieve a positive legislative agenda. Its current program is focussed on the importance of retaining a strong, competitive manufacturing base in the U.S.

Eric brings to his chairmanship a background in helping develop industry-wide relationships with the U.S. 环境保护署, which included participation in the agency’s Sustainable Industries Metalcasting Sector Program, plus the SF6 Emission Reduction Partnership for the Magnesium Industry.