CWM and 12 Dental win the prestigious IMA Award for Die Casting!

LED Light Housing Magnesium Die Casting Part
CWM and 12 Dental win the prestigious IMA Award

Chicago White Metal does it again!  To add to the collection of die casting awards, CWM teamed up with 12 to create a part that fulfills and exceeds the high standards and quality of 12’s parts, which ultimately became an award-winning duo.

The International Magnesium Association (IMA) was founded in 1943 with a mission in mind – “promote the use of the metal magnesium in material selection and encourage innovative applications of the versatile metal.”

12 produces high-end dental products with exceptional quality.

This Award of Excellence is an annual award that is given to the company demonstrating an outstanding example of the use of magnesium.  With the rear housing and driver die castings being the first magnesium parts to be used in 12’s LED Operatory Dental Light, the benefit of a decreased mass, ease of movement, and satisfaction of the customer proved to be a winner in itself, even without the award.

Magnesium Light Housing

When asked why a magnesium die casting was chosen for this application, a presentation given by Jon Miller a the Closing Banquet said the following:

“Magnesium’s strength-to-weight ratio and thin-wall casting capability allowed for a thin-walled, lightweight part, which in turn allowed for a slender, 时尚的, ergonomic support structure.  Magnesium’s low mass enables the LED light to be easily maneuvered/positioned and minimizes issues with drift, 惯性, or vibration.  Magnesium’s ability to dissipate heat allowed for passive cooling of the circuit board and diode connection points.  This means fewer moving parts and helps the unit achieve an estimated 20-year service life.  Magnesium’s ability to be die cast with excellent surface finish, and to readily accept commercial RoHs-compliant pre-treatment and powder paint allowed the light housing to have a highly cosmetic appearance, matching the uniformity of the mating molded plastic and  tubular structure.”

Congratulations to CWM and to 12 for amazing teamwork on this magnesium die casting duo!