What’s the Difference Between Hot Chamber and 冷室 压铸?

压铸 101: Hot Chamber vs. 冷室

High pressure 死 casting (HPDC) is a process where molten metal is injected under very high pressure into premium steel molds (死s) in order to manufacture high precision 死 cast products.  的  is designed to cast engineered shapes and complex features with great accuracy and consistent replication.

的re are two types of HPDC which Chicago White Metal provides: hot chamber 死 casting and cold chamber 死 casting.  Although there are several similarities between the two types, they exist separately for different purposes.

Hot Chamber 压铸

Hot Chamber 压铸过程

Hot chamber 死 casting is a type of 死 casting that uses alloys with low melting temperatures (i.e. Zinc, some 镁 合金).  Using alloys with high melting temperatures would result in
damage to the gooseneck, nozzle, and other components.

In a hot chamber 死 casting machine, the fixed 死 half is called a cover 死, which is mounted to a stationary platen (large plate to which each 死 half is mounted) and aligns with the nozzle of the gooseneck.  的 movable 死 half is the ejector 死 and is mounted to a movable platen, which slides along tie bars.

Hot Chamber 压铸过程

的 metal is contained in an open holding pot, which is placed in the furnace and melted to the needed temperature.  When the plunger is in the “up” position, the molten metal flows into the shot chamber.  As the plunger moves down, it forces the molten metal through a gooseneck and into the 死 at injection pressures ranging from 1,000 – 5,000 psi.

的 machine pushes the moving platen towards the cover 死 and holds it closed with great pressure until the molten metal is injected.  的 plunger remains in the “down” position to hold the pressure while the casting “cools off.”  After solidification, the plunger is retracted and the cast part is either ejected, manually removed from the machine or pushed off the cover 死.  这个弹射系统, which includes an ejector 死 and ejector pins, allows the casting to be pushed out while releasing the 死 halves.

Watch an animation of a hot chamber 死 casting machine:

冷室 压铸

冷室 压铸过程

Cold chamber 死 casting is a type of 死 casting that is used for alloys with high melting temperatures (i.e.  和一些  合金).

As a contrast from hot chamber 死 casting (pumping molten metal into the machine), molten metal is ladled from the furnace into the shot chamber through a pouring hole.  While the general function of the cold chamber machine is similar to hot chamber, cold chamber works with a horizontal orientation and does not have a gooseneck.  

冷室 压铸过程

Instead, the plunger forces metal through the shot chamber into the  at pressures ranging from 2,000 and 20,000 psi.  的 plunger holds the pressure and retracts after solidification.  的 clamping unit and mounting of 死s is set up the same as hot chamber, 然而, the cover 死 for a cold chamber machine does not have a gooseneck or nozzle, and therefore aligns directly from the shot chamber.

Watch an animation of a cold chamber 死 casting machine:

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