CWM Adds New Idra 压铸 Machine, Full Implementation Planned for Q4 of 2020

Chicago White Metal is extremely proactive in the research of advanced technology and innovation, their implementation into the die casting process. These efforts are put forth by the 公司 in order to improve and enhance quality, 效率, measurability, overall cost savings for existing and future projects.

CWM leadership encourages an environment of cultivating innovative ideas where process improvement is concerned, granting members of the team an opportunity to take an active role in examining and suggesting alternatives to either modify or drastically change current techniques. The team is excited to implement these innovations into the workflow in both traditional and non-traditional ways. 

New Idra 压铸 Machine (2019)

A new Idra 压铸 machine was purchased last year. Extensive planning by the Chicago White Metal team was thoughtfully executed, with full implementation planned for the beginning of Q4 in 2020. This new die casting machine has a 900-ton capacity, which gives Chicago White Metal the opportunity to accommodate substantially larger applications. Although the machine is being installed into the magnesium department, it will initially be used to cast aluminum parts. 

Electric Vehicles: Component Manufacturing Using the High-Pressure 压铸 Process

The automobile industry is the largest market for high pressure die casting components. The demand for electric vehicles has been rapidly growing thanks in large part to changes in emission norms worldwide and a shift in consumer preferences. These changes have pushed automakers to replace heavier components with lightweight, environmentally-friendly options made from alloys like 镁 or 铝.

Reducing weight is significant for hybrid electric, plug-in hybrid electric, electric vehicles, where battery 效率 is critical. 铝 and 镁 die cast components can dramatically reduce vehicle weight, which improves overall vehicle performance, increases fuel or battery 效率, extends driving range. Chicago White Metal is helping to fuel this evolution by casting complex shapes at near-net shape in high volumes and within tight tolerances using lightweight alloys.

Automakers who make electric or hybrid cars are increasingly turning to 铝 due to its combination of excellent mechanical and physical properties at an attractive cost. In addition to weight reduction, high-pressure die cast aluminum alloys have added dimensional accuracy and stability – not to mention the added strength and high-speed production capabilities.

Lighter Weight and Good Malleability

While not as light as 镁, 铝 is still 1/3 the weight of steel, which goes a long way when it comes to reducing the weight of a vehicle. That’s why 铝 die castings are replacing steel in structural and cosmetic body parts (i.e., vehicle bodies, hoods, doors, bumpers, crash boxes) in modern vehicles.

Malleability is also a significant factor as to why automakers are turning to 铝. It can be easily rolled into a sheet, formed as a stamping or extrusion, or welded. And it can be a high-pressure die cast, which allows for the rapid conversion of molten metal to a net shape 3-dimensional complex shape.

铝 is excellent for automotive applications when there’s a need for high visibility and structural integrity, such as in A-B-C pillars. While 铝 is lighter than steel, it absorbs more energy, providing an extra layer of safety for the vehicle as well. Utilizing aluminum components can help reduce vehicle weight by as much as 40% without compromising the safety of the vehicle.

镁 was initially used in race cars in the 1920s to gain a competitive edge because of how lightweight it is. Now automakers use this lightweight alloy for applications like mirror housings, steering columns, driver’s airbag casings, 座椅骨架, dash encasings.

The auto industry’s quest for greater battery and fuel 效率, along with demand for improved performance, has driven an increased interest in high-pressure die cast 镁 alloys. These alloys include AZ91D with its excellent combination of mechanical properties and the highest strength to weight ratio of any structural metal.

Mg is 75% Lighter than Steel, 33% Lighter than 铝 

镁 provides a drastic weight difference that supports its use as a durable metal alternative to steel and plastic. Unlike plastic, 镁’s properties do not degrade with temperature and UV light, 镁 is 100% recyclable. With its superior dampening capacity and low-mass inertia, 镁 is well suited for parts designed for frequent and sudden changes in motion direction – making it ideal for car part design. Many part designers also prefer working with 镁 because they can produce parts that are more complex than steel, without sacrificing strength.

Although 锌 products are heavier than their 铝 and 镁-based counterparts, they do have the highest yield strength of all three alloys. 锌 can also be cast thinner than any other metal and can hold extremely tight tolerance requirements. While 锌 might not be the best option when it comes to the light-weighting strategy, several 锌-made applications are ideal for automotive design and structure.

The CWM Difference

Chicago White Metal 铸造 can cast all three families of alloys; 铝, 镁, 锌. Our technical expertise, combined with full-service capabilities and engineer design services, can provide automakers or part designers with die casting solutions that meet the challenges of their hybrid electric, plug-in hybrid electric, electric vehicle part design.

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CWM Update: New Website 设计 and Subscription-Free DC2

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